November Round Up

November began with the Rushmmor Firework Extravaganza at Manor Park, where the Mayor hosted a VIP reception recognising our sponsors. According to the Mayor, ‘the fireworks were tremendous. It was a pleasure for the borough and all thanks to Enterprise Cars and Specsavers!’

Jumping forward to the 6th November, the Mayor was celebrating the Boyalls Lane 100th anniversary. South East Water were celebrating the building, and a time capsule was buried to recognise this.

The 7th November was spent at the Council, where the Mayor met children from the Samuel Cody School. According to Sue, ‘my macebearer dressed me and explained the history as well. They loved it!’

The 8th of November was the Farnborough Hill Prizegiving, and the 9th was the NCMC craft fair. ‘Alison Andrew set this up and it was fabulous to see the crafts and speak to people’. November was filled with displays of the incredible, talented people of Rushmoor, and this was one of those events!

Remembrance Sunday was a beautiful day where the borough came together to remember those who lost their lives in order for us to live in peace, and thank them for their sacrifice. 

Both the Mayor and her deputy, dressed in her Mayoral regalia, went to Devereux House. She laid a wreath, and a short but lovely service was held. After this, the Mayor went to the Aldershot Cenotaph where her chaplain conducted a service. A wreath was then laid once more by the Mayor. According to Sue, ‘As I entered I tried to shake hands with as many people as I could in order to show my thanks as so many incredible people turned out. There were so many children attending and I found that very moving.’ The next wreath-laying that the Mayor attended was at Princes Hall Memorial where she did a short speech. If you would like to hear this speech, a video is up on her Facebook page!

According to the Mayor, ‘We went to Wellesley House to meet with the Commander, Home Command, General Tyrone Lurch CBE. Garrison Commander Paddy Baines, Deputy Lieutenant, IT General, the leader of the council, Acting Chief inspector John Halford and representatives from Hampshire Fire and Rescue. The service depicts everything that happened years ago and certainly showed our respect for those that lost their lives or was injured and those still serving. We also laid wreaths here.’

After the ceremony, the Mayor went to Government House for lunch, where Sue and her husband was able to speak to many who really make a difference in their areas of expertise. 

I was honoured to be presented from General Tyrone Lurch CBE a coin to recognise my outstanding service. I am truly honoured.’

The 12th of November was spent in the Mayor’s parlour, where alongside the Garrison Commander, Nicki Acote and Ashley from the Garrison had to choose the winners and runners up for the Carol concert. The schools had to draw about the song they will be singing. Though it was tough to choose a winner, eventually a decision was made. 

The 14th of November was spent with Nikki Acott from the Garrison. Together they went to Alderwood school assembly to present winners of the art competition, and then onto the Cambridge School. The mayor was their mystery reader, and winners were presented. More winners were presented with prizes at Marlborough School on the 15th.

On the 16th of November collection for the Mayor’s grotto started. Sue went to Rushmoor Community FC where a young boy named Alfie presented her with his teddies for the grotto! The grotto is taking place in order to raise money for disadvantaged families and those with disabilities. 

The next couple of days consisted of the Anaphylaxis Campaign’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations, a volunteers recognition event and a St Andrews Tide service at St Andrew’s Garrison Church. 

Christmas activities start to further build-up, with the Farnborough College of Technology Councillors Christmas Dinner, and the Mayors Christmas Afternoon Tea. while sue was disappointed that the could not attend the afternoon tea due to the election, she had an incredible time at the Christmas dinner! It consisted of a 5-course meal cooked by students, and the incredible talents of the college are showcased once again. Fine dining at its best!

The Mayor later went to the Farnham, Fleet and Aldershot Cadets evening. The cadets were incredibly engaging, asking the mayor a myriad of questions about being the Mayor and a councillor. The Mayor then had the honour to give out certificates and award their dedication to their roles at such a young age. 

For more information regarding any of the events listed above, or any future events the mayor may be taking part in, check out her blog and Facebook page!

October Round Up

October was another busy month for the Mayor, and she found herself zipping from meeting to charity event in order to be able to live up to the many invites she received. 

This busy month was kicked off on the 3rd of October with Music in the Park, a fantastic fundraising opportunity in which a cheque was awarded to Phyllis Tuckwell. Though Sue herself could not attend this event, she heard from multiple sources it was a ‘wonderful’ event with an amazing turnout!

Further on during this day, Sue had many council meetings to attend, including one at 6pm, where the Community Award winners gathered and where congratulated on their success. 

An honour to present to Suzanne Skippage and Stella Olivier, winners of the Rushmoor Community Award 2019 – and massive thank you for the fantastic contribution you have made to our community over the years’

The next day was once again filled with excitement and unique opportunities, with record attempt setting ukelele players at 11 am! This was followed by a launch at Talavera Junior School. Two young girls brought Sue a cake as there was a cake sale stall, which she thought was a ‘wonderful idea!’ – who doesn’t love a bit of cake!

The 5th of October saw the Magic table launch party at Knellwood war memorial care home, followed by a charity committee meeting. 

Skipping forward to the 13th of October, the Wellesley 10k run was taking place! Many attended, and Sue recalled how it was ‘great to see families running the smaller course together! I got to start the race and award medals to the children.

‘We get to meet wonderful people. Today we met Karen Jackson who with her husband (not in picture) are founders of CSSEF Chloe and Sophie special ears fund as they found out that their daughters both had a hearing impairment and wanted to help other. It’s so warming to meet people like these who put other first and try so hard to ensure these youngsters have some help with the monies they raise’

On the 14th a ‘Respect and Protect’ campaign event was held by Serco, where the Mayor signed a policy as part of working with Serco to protect staff from abusive and violent behaviour. 

The 17th of October saw the unveiling of the Petals from Heaven memorial at Radan Road cemetery, a place now for people to come to reflect and grieve for those they have lost. 

18th October – MPTC visit. A showcase of what they deliver to youngsters to help them embrace a career in the forces!

Christmas came early on the 19th of October, with a meeting of the knitters of the Christmas angels. The project sends messages of delight to everyone. A spiritual message is tied to them and they are placed around the borough. 

The 20th of October was a celebration alongside the official opening of the ‘crossover community facilities’. Sue cut the ribbon and said a few words, stating that the ‘warmth of the people was wonderful’. There was also some incredible Fijian and Nepalese food being served!

22nd of October was the Community Safety Awards, held at Farnborough College of Technology. 

‘It was wonderful to acknowledge our people in Rushmoor’


  • Lisa Attwood
  • Sue Hathaway
  • Jane Hardy

25th October – Charity Race Night

How wonderful to have a charity committee who really were outstanding.  A special mention to Kieran and Shelagh who ran the evening. Approximately £600 was donated, and the event was incredibly fun!’

26th of October – Rushmmor Rose Bowl

‘I was sitting right at the front, and therefore the impact of how wonderful these gymnasts are, it takes your breath away. Awarding the trophies was an honour’

Sadly, on the 28th and 29th of October Sue was unwell and therefore could not attend any events, however, FCOT Live Graduation and the Farnborough Poppy Appeal both took place, and were incredible events!

For more information on these events or any other events that the Mayor has been involved with, check out her Facebook page!

The Mayors’ Trip to Poland

‘Through the Eyes of the Partners’

On the 19th September 2019, the Mayor of Rushmoor visited Poland in order to officially recognise the newfound link to Rzeszow, Poland. The trip was an amazing experience to see how towns from cultures worldwide are run, helping us as a community to build stronger ties with our twinning towns. 

The town of Rushmoor has partner towns around the world in;

  • Meudon, France
  • Oberursel, Germany
  • Rzeszow, Poland
  • Sulechow, Poland
  • Dayton, Ohio, USA
  • Gorkha Municipality, Nepal

According to

We have partner towns in order “build up cultural, educational and sporting links and partnerships between clubs, societies and schools in Rushmoor, with like-minded organisations in our partner towns. In more recent times, we have included business and economic links.” 

We need these links as “they play an important part in building up our understanding of other countries and cultures and focus minds on our local history and economy.” they also “proide opportunities for residents and local businesses such as educational visits, perofrming in music or dance festivals, participating in sports tournaments, exchanges, business contacts and trde delegation visits”.

To learn more about how ot get involved visit the above link to the Rushmoor Gov webpage!

Quotes from the Mayor regarding her trip: (taken from her Facebook page. For more, the link to her Facebook is including on the home page of this blog)

“The official ceremony took place this morning for Rushmoor to be officially twined with Rzeszow. So much to tell everyone about the ceremony and the future possibilities for both Rushmoor and Rzeszow.”

“Today I had the privilege to meet Michael Carter – Superintendent of School and Community Partnerships and Matt Moore, Assistant Vice President, Enrolment Operations and Student Studies, Sinclair College where we had coffee in my Parlour and then showed them the history of the Mayor from my Macebearer Chris Todd. Exciting partnership in the future with aerospace connections to be twinned with Dayton, Ohio. I am sure both parties will gains o much and helping each other for a prosperous future.”

Official Opening of new Starburst Academy

7 September

Official Opening of new Starburst Academy 

Following a full and transformational refurbishment, Sue was invited to officially open the all  new STA Aldershot situated in the centre of the town. The multi award winning company is committed and dedicated to perfect the art of true stage performance. Their aim is to bottle their success and feed it back to their students to develop and enhance their own abilities. They work to develop local children in the art and performance of Musical Theatre skills via the medium of dance, singing and acting over three terms of structured and well-thought-out lessons, teaching core concepts and techniques. ​Sue was delighted to lend her support to such a worthwhile project stating “todayI have met awesome staff, children and their families.  This academy is going to make a really positive impact on our community. “

Merchant Navy Day

3rd September – Merchant Navy Day

Sue paid tribute to those that served and those that lost their lives whilst serving in the Merchant Navy by raising the Red Ensign at the Rushmoor BC offices.  In 1674, Charles II decreed by Royal Proclamation that the Red Ensign, meaning a red flag with a St. George’s Cross in the canton, was to be the official flag of English merchant ships. 

Since 2000, Merchant Navy Day held each year on 3rd September has honoured the brave men and women who kept our ‘island nation’ afloat during both World Wars, and recognises our dependence on modern day merchant seafarers who are responsible for 95% of the UK’s imports, including almost half the food we eat, plenty of the fuel we rely on and virtually all the products and goods we tend to take for granted!

Alongside the sea cadets, Sue also met several veterans, including Lewis Trinder who she described as “an exceptional gentleman” who proudly displayed his many campaign medals from the Second World War. Mr Trinder wears the white beret which signifies he was a member of the arctic convoys 

August Round up

10th August Help for Heroes Collection

Sue had her bucket at the ready as she joined volunteers and shoppers at Tesco in Aldershot, collecting donations  in support of Help for Heroes. This fantastic charity is close to the hearts of so many local families and shoppers were pleased to contribute to a great cause. In particular Sue commented that she was “particularly pleased to see so many young people helping with the collection”.

15th August 2019

A Level Results Day Celebrations at The 6th Form College Farnborough.

Such an important date for hundreds of Rushmoor students to wake up to – A level results day!  Sue was delighted to be invited along to the 6th Form College to join in the celebrations as the College students, once again, surpassed all expectations. Against a backdrop of linear A levels and more rigorous assessments intended to prepare young people for their next steps, the College students achieved a fantastic pass rate of 99.2%.

Sue tells us “it was great to see the students so excited receiving their results – they have worked really hard, supported by excellent staff and leadership”

18 August

Sue was invited to attend  President’s Day at Farnborough Bowl and was delighted to receive a cheque for £20 to go towards her charities as well as a Farnborough Bowl keyring!

Sue commented ”What a lovely afternoon to watch a game of bowls; and it was particularly pleasing to see the different generations competing”. I would love to see more young people taking up this sport and will do all I can to spread the word”

31 August

Teej Celebrations

Today Sue went along to the Samual Cody campus as a guest at the Teej Celebrations and gave a speech celebrating “being a woman and our ability to multi-task”.  Sue learned so much about some fantastic ladies who are truly inspirational, ranging from a fantastic lady who supports children whose parents are imprisoned to the inaugural Miss Nepal! “Times they are a changing” commented Sue “and it is inspirational to see how these women are helping their communities to move forward”.

Aldershot Divisional Football association 125th Anniversary Celebration Dinner

On the 9th of August, Sue attended the Aldershot divisional football association 125th anniversary celebration dinner. The Aldershot Divisional Football association was formed on the 9th of August 1984 and was followed by the formation of the Aldershot League-  According to the Aldershot Divisional Football association website , their aims are to:

“… Help with the development of local football; liaising with local authorities and organisations to represent collective local issues; representing local football and raising the local issues and concerns at the Hampshire FA Council and its Standing Committees; and to assist the Hampshire FA with its missions which includes the delivery of countywide strategies and policies to help with the grassroot football.”

The event itself held a celebratory atmosphere, with a colourful commemorative programme reminiscing the past 125 years, with ‘nostalgia’ pages and previous winners for important cups! A raffle and auction were also hosted, with a range of prizes such as tickets for football matches, a signed chelsea shirt and many more.Vitally, the proceeds raised from these activities were donated to the Phylis Tuckwell hospice and Royal British Legion (Aldershot Branches) . 

Sue commented that “This event truly celebrated the 125th anniversary in style and showed the historical significance of the  Aldershot Divisional Football association and how it has been such a vital part of the community and will continue to be!”

For more information on any of the charities discussed and the Aldershot Divisional football association, click the links below: