Aldershot Divisional Football association 125th Anniversary Celebration Dinner

On the 9th of August, Sue attended the Aldershot divisional football association 125th anniversary celebration dinner. The Aldershot Divisional Football association was formed on the 9th of August 1984 and was followed by the formation of the Aldershot League-  According to the Aldershot Divisional Football association website , their aims are to:

“… Help with the development of local football; liaising with local authorities and organisations to represent collective local issues; representing local football and raising the local issues and concerns at the Hampshire FA Council and its Standing Committees; and to assist the Hampshire FA with its missions which includes the delivery of countywide strategies and policies to help with the grassroot football.”

The event itself held a celebratory atmosphere, with a colourful commemorative programme reminiscing the past 125 years, with ‘nostalgia’ pages and previous winners for important cups! A raffle and auction were also hosted, with a range of prizes such as tickets for football matches, a signed chelsea shirt and many more.Vitally, the proceeds raised from these activities were donated to the Phylis Tuckwell hospice and Royal British Legion (Aldershot Branches) . 

Sue commented that “This event truly celebrated the 125th anniversary in style and showed the historical significance of the  Aldershot Divisional Football association and how it has been such a vital part of the community and will continue to be!”

For more information on any of the charities discussed and the Aldershot Divisional football association, click the links below:

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