The Mayors’ Trip to Poland

‘Through the Eyes of the Partners’

On the 19th September 2019, the Mayor of Rushmoor visited Poland in order to officially recognise the newfound link to Rzeszow, Poland. The trip was an amazing experience to see how towns from cultures worldwide are run, helping us as a community to build stronger ties with our twinning towns. 

The town of Rushmoor has partner towns around the world in;

  • Meudon, France
  • Oberursel, Germany
  • Rzeszow, Poland
  • Sulechow, Poland
  • Dayton, Ohio, USA
  • Gorkha Municipality, Nepal

According to

We have partner towns in order “build up cultural, educational and sporting links and partnerships between clubs, societies and schools in Rushmoor, with like-minded organisations in our partner towns. In more recent times, we have included business and economic links.” 

We need these links as “they play an important part in building up our understanding of other countries and cultures and focus minds on our local history and economy.” they also “proide opportunities for residents and local businesses such as educational visits, perofrming in music or dance festivals, participating in sports tournaments, exchanges, business contacts and trde delegation visits”.

To learn more about how ot get involved visit the above link to the Rushmoor Gov webpage!

Quotes from the Mayor regarding her trip: (taken from her Facebook page. For more, the link to her Facebook is including on the home page of this blog)

“The official ceremony took place this morning for Rushmoor to be officially twined with Rzeszow. So much to tell everyone about the ceremony and the future possibilities for both Rushmoor and Rzeszow.”

“Today I had the privilege to meet Michael Carter – Superintendent of School and Community Partnerships and Matt Moore, Assistant Vice President, Enrolment Operations and Student Studies, Sinclair College where we had coffee in my Parlour and then showed them the history of the Mayor from my Macebearer Chris Todd. Exciting partnership in the future with aerospace connections to be twinned with Dayton, Ohio. I am sure both parties will gains o much and helping each other for a prosperous future.”

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