October Round Up

October was another busy month for the Mayor, and she found herself zipping from meeting to charity event in order to be able to live up to the many invites she received. 

This busy month was kicked off on the 3rd of October with Music in the Park, a fantastic fundraising opportunity in which a cheque was awarded to Phyllis Tuckwell. Though Sue herself could not attend this event, she heard from multiple sources it was a ‘wonderful’ event with an amazing turnout!

Further on during this day, Sue had many council meetings to attend, including one at 6pm, where the Community Award winners gathered and where congratulated on their success. 

An honour to present to Suzanne Skippage and Stella Olivier, winners of the Rushmoor Community Award 2019 – and massive thank you for the fantastic contribution you have made to our community over the years’

The next day was once again filled with excitement and unique opportunities, with record attempt setting ukelele players at 11 am! This was followed by a launch at Talavera Junior School. Two young girls brought Sue a cake as there was a cake sale stall, which she thought was a ‘wonderful idea!’ – who doesn’t love a bit of cake!

The 5th of October saw the Magic table launch party at Knellwood war memorial care home, followed by a charity committee meeting. 

Skipping forward to the 13th of October, the Wellesley 10k run was taking place! Many attended, and Sue recalled how it was ‘great to see families running the smaller course together! I got to start the race and award medals to the children.

‘We get to meet wonderful people. Today we met Karen Jackson who with her husband (not in picture) are founders of CSSEF Chloe and Sophie special ears fund as they found out that their daughters both had a hearing impairment and wanted to help other. It’s so warming to meet people like these who put other first and try so hard to ensure these youngsters have some help with the monies they raise’


On the 14th a ‘Respect and Protect’ campaign event was held by Serco, where the Mayor signed a policy as part of working with Serco to protect staff from abusive and violent behaviour. 

The 17th of October saw the unveiling of the Petals from Heaven memorial at Radan Road cemetery, a place now for people to come to reflect and grieve for those they have lost. 

18th October – MPTC visit. A showcase of what they deliver to youngsters to help them embrace a career in the forces!

Christmas came early on the 19th of October, with a meeting of the knitters of the Christmas angels. The project sends messages of delight to everyone. A spiritual message is tied to them and they are placed around the borough. 

The 20th of October was a celebration alongside the official opening of the ‘crossover community facilities’. Sue cut the ribbon and said a few words, stating that the ‘warmth of the people was wonderful’. There was also some incredible Fijian and Nepalese food being served!

22nd of October was the Community Safety Awards, held at Farnborough College of Technology. 

‘It was wonderful to acknowledge our people in Rushmoor’


  • Lisa Attwood
  • Sue Hathaway
  • Jane Hardy

25th October – Charity Race Night

How wonderful to have a charity committee who really were outstanding.  A special mention to Kieran and Shelagh who ran the evening. Approximately £600 was donated, and the event was incredibly fun!’

26th of October – Rushmmor Rose Bowl

‘I was sitting right at the front, and therefore the impact of how wonderful these gymnasts are, it takes your breath away. Awarding the trophies was an honour’

Sadly, on the 28th and 29th of October Sue was unwell and therefore could not attend any events, however, FCOT Live Graduation and the Farnborough Poppy Appeal both took place, and were incredible events!

For more information on these events or any other events that the Mayor has been involved with, check out her Facebook page!

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