November Round Up

November began with the Rushmmor Firework Extravaganza at Manor Park, where the Mayor hosted a VIP reception recognising our sponsors. According to the Mayor, ‘the fireworks were tremendous. It was a pleasure for the borough and all thanks to Enterprise Cars and Specsavers!’

Jumping forward to the 6th November, the Mayor was celebrating the Boyalls Lane 100th anniversary. South East Water were celebrating the building, and a time capsule was buried to recognise this.

The 7th November was spent at the Council, where the Mayor met children from the Samuel Cody School. According to Sue, ‘my macebearer dressed me and explained the history as well. They loved it!’

The 8th of November was the Farnborough Hill Prizegiving, and the 9th was the NCMC craft fair. ‘Alison Andrew set this up and it was fabulous to see the crafts and speak to people’. November was filled with displays of the incredible, talented people of Rushmoor, and this was one of those events!

Remembrance Sunday was a beautiful day where the borough came together to remember those who lost their lives in order for us to live in peace, and thank them for their sacrifice. 

Both the Mayor and her deputy, dressed in her Mayoral regalia, went to Devereux House. She laid a wreath, and a short but lovely service was held. After this, the Mayor went to the Aldershot Cenotaph where her chaplain conducted a service. A wreath was then laid once more by the Mayor. According to Sue, ‘As I entered I tried to shake hands with as many people as I could in order to show my thanks as so many incredible people turned out. There were so many children attending and I found that very moving.’ The next wreath-laying that the Mayor attended was at Princes Hall Memorial where she did a short speech. If you would like to hear this speech, a video is up on her Facebook page!

According to the Mayor, ‘We went to Wellesley House to meet with the Commander, Home Command, General Tyrone Lurch CBE. Garrison Commander Paddy Baines, Deputy Lieutenant, IT General, the leader of the council, Acting Chief inspector John Halford and representatives from Hampshire Fire and Rescue. The service depicts everything that happened years ago and certainly showed our respect for those that lost their lives or was injured and those still serving. We also laid wreaths here.’

After the ceremony, the Mayor went to Government House for lunch, where Sue and her husband was able to speak to many who really make a difference in their areas of expertise. 

I was honoured to be presented from General Tyrone Lurch CBE a coin to recognise my outstanding service. I am truly honoured.’

The 12th of November was spent in the Mayor’s parlour, where alongside the Garrison Commander, Nicki Acote and Ashley from the Garrison had to choose the winners and runners up for the Carol concert. The schools had to draw about the song they will be singing. Though it was tough to choose a winner, eventually a decision was made. 

The 14th of November was spent with Nikki Acott from the Garrison. Together they went to Alderwood school assembly to present winners of the art competition, and then onto the Cambridge School. The mayor was their mystery reader, and winners were presented. More winners were presented with prizes at Marlborough School on the 15th.

On the 16th of November collection for the Mayor’s grotto started. Sue went to Rushmoor Community FC where a young boy named Alfie presented her with his teddies for the grotto! The grotto is taking place in order to raise money for disadvantaged families and those with disabilities. 

The next couple of days consisted of the Anaphylaxis Campaign’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations, a volunteers recognition event and a St Andrews Tide service at St Andrew’s Garrison Church. 

Christmas activities start to further build-up, with the Farnborough College of Technology Councillors Christmas Dinner, and the Mayors Christmas Afternoon Tea. while sue was disappointed that the could not attend the afternoon tea due to the election, she had an incredible time at the Christmas dinner! It consisted of a 5-course meal cooked by students, and the incredible talents of the college are showcased once again. Fine dining at its best!

The Mayor later went to the Farnham, Fleet and Aldershot Cadets evening. The cadets were incredibly engaging, asking the mayor a myriad of questions about being the Mayor and a councillor. The Mayor then had the honour to give out certificates and award their dedication to their roles at such a young age. 

For more information regarding any of the events listed above, or any future events the mayor may be taking part in, check out her blog and Facebook page!

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