The History of the Mayoral Role

Councillor Sue Carter was elected as the Mayor of Rushmoor at the Annual Council Meeting on 21 May. In her term in office she has already attended numerous events throughout Rushmoor, from Rushmoor In Bloom to the Gurkha Cup. But what really is the role of Mayor? To understand why the role of Mayor is so important in modern society, we must understand its roots, its historical importance within the local community.

The title of mayor dates back as far as AD 451, deriving from the French, “Monsieur Le Maire”. Formed in 1974 with the merging of Aldershot and Farnborough, and with a growing population of over 95,100, it’s no wonder the role of Mayor still holds such great importance in the borough of Rushmoor. Whilst local authorities have no more powers than ordinary district councils, they are still the Queen’s representatives in the Borough and therefore have an important role to play within the local community. 

The role of Mayor has always had a very ceremonial side to it, however in recent years they have become much more influential whilst also upholding their ceremonial functions. 

At major events the Mayor will wear the robe, chain and badge, but for most functions that they attend they will wear the badge of office on a ribbon. 

However, the ever expanding role of Mayors is their involvement in charity events and fundraising alongside their role within council meetings. Generally, a Mayor will attend up to 300 events throughout their time in office; and this comes as no surprise with what Sue has already accomplished as well as her plans for the future. 

Sue is working with 4 charities throughout her time in office; The mental health charity Mind, The Rushmoor based Community Matters Partnership Programme, The Parents’ Action Group PAG) nd The Ripple Pond. Furthermore, Sue aims to set aside a day dedicated to raising funds for the Halow Project Charity! 

For more information about what the current Mayor of Rushmoor is getting involved with, as well as updates of ways in which you can get involved with your local community fundraising, follow the Mayor on Instagram and Twitter @mayorofrushmoor