Gurkha Cup

On the 26th of May, 2019, Sue attended the Gurkha Cup celebration, giving a speech on the day acknowledging the hard work placed into the event and presenting the lucky winners with their prizes!

The Gurkha cup is an annual event which was launched in the year 2000, with the first cup being presented by the King of Greece. Since then it has grown in popularity not only amongst the Nepalese community in the UK, but additionally in Europe.  Tamu Dhee (TDUK) is the organising body behind the event, working alongside committed volunteers and supporters.

The day itself is a lively, family event where visitors can enjoy not only the football tournament but a whole host of food stalls and displays including a free- falling parachute display, Tai- Kwan-do, Khukri dance and a live performance by The Band of the Brigade of Gurkhas- who were founded in 1859 as part of the Simoor rifle regiment. The blend of Nepalese culture and contemporary entertainment makes the day enjoyable for anyone who wishes to attend.

 Values of team spirit and  friendship are at the heart of the event, as well as promoting sports to a younger generation, and providing a large social platform in order to help people extend and build meaningful connections. These values can all be seen in the vast array of team displays and the football itself, which all require hard work and teamwork, which is vital to promote to a younger generation.

For several members of the community, the Ghurka cup is an important event,  however on an even wider scale the charity work that they do is an integral aspect. Previously, raising money for victims of the Japanese Tsunami, the Philippines Typhoon- Haiyan, Gurkha Welfare trust and major landslides and flooding in Nepal amongst others. Furthermore, in 2015  £80,000 were raised and donated to help support the victims of the Gorkha Earthquake. 

Sue was delighted with the event and the fantastic community support, commenting “Donations made to charities such as these are vital for ensuring that those impacted by life-altering events can be supported and that as many of those affected can benefit from the fantastic work undertaken here.” 

The atmosphere was light, fun and lively! A hint of competition in the air, with the football game in full swing. The wide array of displays left everyone entertained and put a smile on everyone’s faces.

As part of their impactful charity work TDUK kindly donated £500 towards the charities chosen and supported by Sue.

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